Simulador de carretilla FL-TRAINERDuring the weekend of March 8-10, the V Congress of Financial Lifelong Learning Education (Spanish) and Expoformation 2012 (Spanish) took place in Madrid. In Expoformation, a stand area in which also lectures and workshops were held, Arisoft showed the new forklift simulator FL-TRAINER.

In this event, several professionals from driving schools and  training centers all around Spain used the forklift simulator, which is recommended to teach safety education, for driving schools, activities of local police or road safety plans developed by companies.

A high qualification of forklift drivers is required to employers more and more. That is the reason why Arisoft promotes an education with driving simulators whose main characteristics are: reduced costs, ability to repeat the exercises indefinitely and error checking, risk-free, attractiveness and unlimited extension.

In addition, the forklift simulator FL-TRAINER allows drivers to learn very close to reality thanks to the realism of its graphics and its high technical quality. FL-TRAINER is composed of:

  • Cab seat, levers, pedals and steering wheel.
  • Integrated computer under the seat.
  • Two 40’’ TV’s.
  • Track IR: Spatial position and orientation detection system

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